2009 Flower Show Photos    

Flower Show Theme:  “Bella Italia"

Our exhibit title:  “Primavera"

There was our Bacchus fountain (a show stopper)!

We had Bottticelli's "Three Graces".   (Well, maybe a couple more!)



And then there were our fish, who delighted in performing for their adoring crowds.

This year's Italian theme was really a difficult one for us.  There are such beautiful fountains, statuary, and architecture in Italy that we did not want to try to create something that looked less than authentic.  So--looking at my art books---we thought we would try to do a very whimsical rendition of Botticelli's painting "Primavera" (and besides Spring is only weeks away).


And then we added a touch of romance.


It was, all in all, a beautiful creation.


Which would not have been possible without the help of some great friends!


And Our Special Sponsors:

Teva Landscaping (267)241-4614      dolevami@aol.com

Turf Maintenance—Full Landscaping—    Tree Service—Snow Removal




Thanks to everyone!


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