2010 Flower Show Theme: 

"Passport to the world"

         Our exhibit title: “Frühling in deutschland"                 

With this year's international theme, it was very easy to pick a country---we had never done Germany (Hermann's native land).  The hard part was to incorporate a pond into picture---but in this outdoor German Biergarten, I think we succeeded quite well (even if we're not beer drinkers)!


       Best Achievement award - use of water in a Festive setting


Liesel invites you to join us!
Text Box: Liesel invites you to join us!


We had music playing all day and night, thanks to Seppel, Willi, and Fritz, and Heidi kept pouring the beer.

Take a stroll around our exhibit and this is what you see:


       And, as always, the fish were a big hit!  


But, we couldn't have done it without the help of friends, and we had many more than I have photos of .       

We also what to thank Laguna, who helped us keep our water clear, as always!



Aramingo Ave. & Venango St. Phila., PA   19134



                          And a special thanks to Nishi and Steve at:   

who put us in touch with a great representative of

Spaten North America, Francis Cattani. 

His props, posters and other paraphernalia helped with the authenticity of our Biergarten.  We couldn't have done it as well as we did without you.  We hope our exhibit helps promote your beers.  I know we could have sold a lot if we had been allowed! Thank you!





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