Blue Tropical Water Lilies - Named Varieties

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Blue Variety



August Koch - This variety has fragrant lavender-blue flowers, 7"-8" in diameter, held well above the water. Stamens are a rust color, and sepals are a purplish-lilac. Dark green leaves are pinkish underneath. Compact habit of growth make it versatile.

Spread: small

TL - BBAGD Bagdad  


Blue Capensis - Star-shaped, semi-double, periwinkle blue flowers are abundant over the season. Delightfully fragrant, the blooms are 6"-8" across, with deep yellow stamens in the center. The leaves are dark green and fairly large.

Spread: medium to large

TL - BCHAR Charles Thomas  


Dauben - Blue pygmy hybrid lily. Flowers seldom more than 2" in diameter have narrow petals, tinged with green underneath, white sepals and lemon-yellow stamens. Brownish-green heart-shaped leaves, splashed with dark brown. Likes water 4"-16" deep.

Spread: small

TL - BLEOP Leopardess  
TL - BSTAR Star of Siam  
TL - BSZAN Star of Zanzibar  

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