Hardy Marginals


     Plants are shipped in 3.5" pots with plant labels.  You must transplant them to a larger containers, at least to a 2 qt pot or mesh basket, a 1 gal size is better.  Our plants are started in soil, but when they are transplanted to larger pots, we remove most of the soil and add only crushed stone.  Additional soil is not necessary and will only wash out and make your pond dirty!  The plants get their nutrition from the water, not the soil.  Use fertilizer tablets when re-potting.  During the growing season you may want to use a liquid aquatic fertilizer---it is easier if you many plants. DP denotes the suggested depth in water.  0" is crown of the plant (not the bottom of pot).  Even though these are winter hardy plants, they are greenhouse grown and need protection from the cold at the beginning of the season.  Best is to keep them in temperatures above 65°F ---maintaining the water temperature is better to stimulate growth than just watching the air temperature. 

     We have all of these plants, available at our garden center, already potted in larger pots---ready to put in your pond.  We do not ship them this way because they are potted in crushed stone, which is heavy!


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 Common Sweetflag (Acorus calamus)

Vivid green, sword shaped iris-like leaves. Insignificant brownish green flowers 2-3" long.  Sweetflag earned its common name from the ability to release a rich, fruity fragrance when crushed.  The foliage and rootstock were used to flavor candy, gin and beer.  Native Americans used this plant medicinally to treat stomach ailments, as well as coughs and colds.

HT 24-48", DP 3-5" Sun/ Shade  Z4-11



Variegated Sweetflag  (Acorus calamus 'Variegatus')

Green and creamy white striped aromatic leaves fan out and create an interesting accent plant.

HT 24-36", DP 3-5" Sun/Shade  Z4-11



Dwarf Golden Variegated Sweetflag (Acorus gramineus 'Ogon')

Yellow and green striped narrow grassy leaves growing in thick tufts. Keeps winter color.

HT 8-12", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z5-11



Dwarf Variegated Sweetflag  (Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus')

Green and cream thick tufts of narrow, grass-like leaves. Great edger for ponds which also provides winter color.

HT 6-9", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z5-11



Water Plantain (Alisma plantago aquatica)

Broad ovate prominently veined leaves. Pyramidal stems with whorls of tiny three petal rose-white flowers in summer. 

This plant has a long history in Chinese medicine, dating back to 200 AD. The roots are used in to make a cool, sweet preparation that lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

HT 24-36", DP 2-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM-ALPAR Spoon-leafed Water Plantain  (Alisma parviflorium)

Round foliage, like a wooden spoon, and heavily veined.  Flowers are pinkish and larger than the above variety.

HT 24-30", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade   Z3-11

HM-ANEMC Yerba Mansa, Bear Root (Anemopsis californica)

Large gray-green thick leaves, with red petioles rise gracefully out of the water.  White large daisy-like flowers with large cones appear all season.  Plant produces runners to form new plantlets.

HT 16-20", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade Z4-10



Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos)

Elongated dark green leaves on long stems. Fragrant, vanilla scented white orchid-like flowers rise from water’s surface blooming early spring and again in fall. This plant likes cool water and becomes dormant during the summer. Deep water aquatic. Difficult to ship when leafed out.

DP 6-36"   Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM-ARUND Variegated Giant Reed  (Arundo donax Peppermint Stick')

Striking bamboo-like reed with heavy white and pink variegation.  Forms magnificent clumps when established.  Very attractive large plumes late summer to fall.

HT 6-8',  DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM -ASCLI Swamp Buttterfly Weed  (Asclepias incarnata)

This native North American species produces umbels of various shades of pink atop stems with narrow, willowy leaves that turn red in the fall.  Do not submerge to the bottom of the pond for overwintering.

HT 24-36", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z3

HM -BALDR Siberian Pink Cups (Baldellia ranuculoides)

Dense clouds of ˝"  pale pink flowers with yellow centers, resembling little poppies.  Grows in tufts with spreading branches that form new plantlets.

HT 2-10",  DP  0"  Sun   Z6-9

HM -BLETS Chinese Hardy Orchid (Bletilla striata)

 This terrestial orchid, with flattened pseudo-bulbs and dark-green, oblong leaves, produces magenta flowers, 1" across, in spring to early summer.  Native of China and Japan.  This is an important wound herb in Chinese medicine and was first described circa AD 500.

HT 12", DP 0-1"  Shade/Part Sun Z5-8

HM -BLETA White Chinese Hardy Orchid  (Bletilla striata 'Alba')

Same as the above variety but with a white flower, sometimes edged in pink.

HT 12", DP 0-1"  Shade/Part Sun Z6-8



Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus)

Triangular narrow sedge-like leaves. Tall flower stems bear rose-pink florets blooming July to August.  Native species common to wetlands.

HT 30-48", DP 3-6" Part Sun  Z3-11



 Bog Arum (Calla palustris)

Spreading rhizome-like stems at water’s edge bear heart-shaped shiny green foliage with white arum-like flowers, forming red berries late summer.

HT 6-9", DP 2-3" Part Sun



Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)

Bright yellow buttercup shaped flowers on long stems, in clusters of round, deep-green leaves with serrated edges. One of the earliest blooming aquatics, from March to May. Goes dormant in summer heat.

HT 10-12", DP 0-2" Full Sun/Part Shade Z4-7



Fringed Sedge (Carex crinta)

Deep green, fine blades of grass produce a fountain effect. Prefers more shade than sun but will just appear more yellow.  Pendulous florets appear in the spring. Creates interesting border for ponds.

HT 24-48", DP 0 -4" Sun/Part Sun  Z4-9


HM - CARXM Palm Branch Sedge (Carex muskingumenis)

Loosely tufted spreading grass with bright green leaves in shade, and more yellow in sun. It is a tropical looking grass, very bamboo-like. Brown flower in spring. This is our favorite grass!

HT 28", DP 0-2" Part Shade/Shade  Z4-9

HM - CARXO Variegated Palm Branch Sedge  (Carex muskingumenis 'Oehme')

This version of the sedge emerges green, but soon yellow margins appear.  Has the lush look of a variegated bamboo.

HT 18-24", DP 0-2" Part Shade/Shade Z5-9

HM - CEPHO Button Bush  (Cephalanthus occidentalis)

Attractive native shrub with glossy leaves and showy honey-scented white flowers.  Roots are good for erosion control. Attracts butterflies.

HT to 10', DP 0-3"  Sun/Part Shade  Z4-10

HM - CHELG Turtlehead  (Chelone glabra)

Native to the Mid-Atlantic wetlands, this stately variety has stiff square stems with low ovate mounding leaves.  In the summer, it produces white, tinged with pink, flowers reminiscent of little turtles peeking out of their shells.

HT 24-36", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z4-8

HM - CORSP Hardy White Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana 'Patagonia')

Tall, stately grass with blue green blades forming dense clumps. Grows in moist soil or submersed. Huge white plumes appear late summer to fall.

HT 5-6 ft, DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade Z6-11



Umbrella Plant  (Darmera peltata)

Tall, slow spreading species with large rounded, heavily veined leaves (24" across). Blooms are rounded cymes with multi 5-petaled flowers of white to pink, appearing in late spring.  This is an ideal bog plant.

HT 48", DP 0-2"   Sun/Part Shade



Star Grass (Dichromena latifolia)

Green, narrow grass-like  foliage unfolds to reveal white star-shaped blooms. Flowers start to appear late spring into fall.

HT 12-24", DP 0-2"  Full Sun  Z6-11



Dwarf Bamboo (Dulichium arundinaceum)

Slender feathery leaves off main stalk, similar in appearance to standard bamboo, and much smaller but non-invasive. Shade produces a much taller plant that is greener. Forms attractive clumps.

HT 15-18", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z5-11


HM - DULTI Variegated Dwarf Bamboo (Dulichium arundinaceum 'Tigress')

Feathery green leaves with crisp white margins, create a dense, bushy plant.  It produces white seed heads.

HT 14-16", DP 0-2"  Part Shade     Z5-11


Radican Sword (Echinodorus cordifolius)

Heart-shaped dark green leaves with prominent parallel veins. Long trailing stems have white flower clusters of sagittaria-like blooms appear July to Sept.

HT 24-36", DP 1-3" Sun/Part Shade Z7


Marble Queen Radican (Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen')

Creamy white and green variegation on veined, spoon-shaped leaves, almost in a marbled design.  Sends trailers of white flowers all summer.

HT 12-24", DP 1-5"  Part Shade / Shade  Z5b-11

HM - ELEAC Needle Hair Grass  (Eleocharis acicularis)

Blades of grass resemble a fescue with green flowers appear in the spring, and interesting seedheads remain for a long time.

HT 12-16", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z3-11



Fiber Optic Plant (Eleocharis montevidensis)

Soft textured grass-like quill plants tipped with brown seed heads in summer. Best in containers or small ponds.

HT 10-12", DP 0-2" Sun  Z3-10



Horsetail (Equisetum hymale)

A plant of pre-historic lineage, this evergreen  rush has jointed, hollow stems---creating an interesting vertical accent.  Plant tissue contains silica and was originally grown as a scouring material to clean pots and such.  It is also a plant sought out by gold miners, as the silica traps fine particles of gold in the stems.

HT 18-36", DP 2-4" Sun/Part Shade  Z4



Miniature Horsetail (Equisetum scripoides diffissum)

Green tufts of tiny jointed grass stems, that works well in extremely small water features.

HT 3-6", DP 0" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9

HM - ERIAN Cotton Grass  (Eriophorum angustifolium)

Very fine, green, grassy blades grow in tight clumps. In spring and summer, this native plant is covered with white cottony blooms, that sway in the breeze.  An extremely interesting low grass for borders or stream edges.

HT -16", DP 0-2"  Sun  Z3-7

HM - EUPCO Hardy Ageratum  (Eupatorium coelestinum)

Late summer to fall colorful performer, this wildflower stands erect, with wedge-shaped green leaves and large flat-topped corymbs of clear blue.

HT 18-30", DP 0-2"  Sun  Zones 3-9

HM - EUPBJ Dwarf Joe Pye Weed  (Eupatorium 'Baby Joe')

Dark green leaves are borne on stems topped with whorls of lavender flowers in summer.  A variety which is manageable in most ponds.

HT 36"  DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Zones 4-9

HM - GEUMR Purple Water Avens  (Geum rivale)

Upright perennial with pinnate basal leaves to 6".  From late spring to early summer, bell shaped dusky pink to purple flowers appear on tall stems.

HT 8-24", DP 0"  Sun  Z3-8

HM -


Gunnera tinctoria

Dramatic plant with lobed, textured leaves up to 6 ft. across with dark purple stems. Reddish-purple short  flower spikes appear in early spring, before leaves come out.  Does not like intensive heat and humidity nor water over the crown of the plant.  Best for shady bogs or stream beds.

HT 6-10', DP 0"  Part Shade/Shade  Z7



Water Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos)

Large disc-shaped flowers on tall stems that bloom profusely all summer. Colors are commonly white, pink and red.

HT 48-60", DP 0-6" Sun  Z5-9


HM -HIBCO Swamp Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus)

Woody stalked, shrub-like native variety with attractive maple-like leaves, that produces a five-petaled red flower, with white center.  Flowers last only 1 day but are produced from summer to fall. Really striking!   Plant dies back in winter.

HT 48-60", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Sun  Z7-11


Green Houttuynia - (Houttuynia cordata)

Aromatic, blue-green heart-shaped leaves form on reddish twig-like stems, white flowers appear late spring.

HT 12", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z5-11



Chameleon Plant  (Houttuynia cordata variegata)

Quick-spreading species with heart-shaped leaves variegated in shades of green, cream, and crimson borne on reddish stems. In spring a few small white rose-like flowers appear. Thrives in mud or shallow water.

HT 12", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z5-11



Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides)

Fleshy, bright green, scalloped round leaves have the appearance of petticoats. This variety grows in a thick cluster and spreads across water’s surface. It produces a small, white insignificant flower.

HT 6-10", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade Z5-11


HM - HYDCC Variegated Pennywort  (Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes 'Crystal Confetti')

This dainty variety forms a full carpet of 1" frilled, jade-green leaves that are edged with cream.  Because it trails freely, it is excellent for small container  water gardens or any pond.

HT 2", DP 0-1"  Sun/Shade.  Z6-10

HM - HYDLU 'Little Umbrellas' Pennywort  (Hydrocotyle verticillata 'Little Umbrellas')

A cute addition to a  water feature, this variety has stiffer, less ruffled bright green leaves, with petite umbels of white flowers peeking out. As the plant matures, the leaves grow larger and trail across the water.  Great improvement to the native variety!

HT 4",  DP 0-2"   Sun/Shade  Z 5-11



Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata cylindrica rubra "Red Baron")  

Green grass blades washed with deep red color. The more sun, the better the color. (Cannot be shipped to all states.)

HT 12-18", DP 0" Sun/Part Shade  Z6-9


HM - IRISPK Denise's 'Pretty in Pink' Iris (Louisiana hybrid?)

This iris produces multiple stems with lots of blooms in early summer. The flowers are a true pink.  As the plant matures, it is really a beautiful specimen!

HT 18-24"  DP 0-3"  Z5  Sun/Part Shade

HM - IRISEG Japanese Iris 'Gusto'  (Iris ensata 'Gusto')

Dramatic large blooms of lavender-blue with white centers in summer. The broad petals really make this an eye-catching specimen!

HT 32", DP 0-2"  Z4-9  Sun/Part Shade

HM - IRISFG Japanese Iris 'Freckled Geisha'  (Iris ensata 'Freckled Geisha')

Large blooms of white sprinkled with purple along the edges of each petal.

HT 32", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9



 Japanese Variegated Iris (Iris ensata 'Variegata')

Light purple flowers with leaves of cream and green striped foliage. Plant grows in a fan shape. Very dramatic in any size pool.

HT 32", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9


HM - IRISF Copper Red Iris (Iris fulva)

Slender drooping leaves give this native plant a graceful appearance. The falls and standards of this 3"  copper-colored flower hang down as well. An unusual variety for any pond!

HT 12-14", DP 0-3"  Sun/Pt Shade  Z5-11

HM - IRISS Rabbit Ear Iris  (Iris laevigata 'Snowdrift')

White blooms are 3-4" wide and are marked with a yellow signal and edged with purple.  It has 6 drooping falls.  Flowers appear May to June.

HT 12-36", DP 0-6"  Part Shade Z4-9

HM - IRISLV Variegated Iris  (Iris laevigata 'Variegata')

Prized by many water gardeners for its strong, broad white stripes on each leaf.  This variety is definitely a knockout in every pond!  It prefers cooler summers so keep out of the hot afternoon sun.  Blue-purple flowers in June.

HT 18-24", DP 0-6" Part Shade Z4-9

HM - IRISK Iris, Louisiana Hybrid 'King Creole'

Blooms are purple with a white throat, tipped with yellow.  Flowers appear late spring.

HT 36", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z6-11



Iris, Louisiana Hybrid 'Black Gamecock'

Blooms from late spring to early summer. Very dark purple flower with yellow streak.

HT 18-24", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z5


HM -IRISP Iris x Louisiana 'Peaches and Wine'

This variety has ruffled two-tone flowers that are wine colored and rosy peach with a yellow center.

HT 24-36", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade Z6-10

HM - IRISRV Iris x Louisiana 'Red Velvet Elvis

Deep burgundy-red flowers have a touch of yellow at the base and are centered by 3 velvety purple-red standards.  Fine strap-like foliage.

HT 30-36", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade Z6-10


Iris, Yellow Flag (Iris pseudocorus)

This native species has long parrot-green foliage, 1" to 2" wide with vivid yellow flowers appearing late-spring. This is a vigorous grower---but makes a dramatic tall backdrop for medium to large size ponds.

HT 36-48", DP 0-6"Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9


HM- IRISFL Iris, Double Blooming Yellow (Iris pseudocorus 'Flore-Plena')

For those who have tired of the common yellow iris, this variety has not only a knock-out double flower, but will stay in its container better.  The flower looks like a pair of dancing butterflies.  Definitely a must for the iris connoisseur!

HT 36", DP 0-6", Sun/Part Shade  Z5-9

HM - IRISPV Variegated Yellow Flag Iris  (Iris pseudocorus 'Variegata')

Yellow striped foliage emerges in early spring,  fading to a clear green in summer. Yellow flowers late spring.  Dead-heading spent blooms is a good idea.

HT 36-48", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9



Iris, Blue Flag (Iris versicolor)

Native iris with pale violet-blue flowers and yellow patches at the petals’ bases. Flowers appear mid-late spring.

HT 24-30", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z3-9



Soft Rush (Juncus effusus)

Dark green slim cylindrical spikes growing in attractive ornamental clumps.  It has a long history of use in Asia for weaving baskets and mats. Used for many years as "rushlights", candles made by peeling away the outer skin and dipping the even-burning pith in tallow. In England, during WWII, rush was gathered because candles were in short supply!

HT 24-36", DP 2-4" Sun/Part Shade  Z3-11

HM -JUNGS Variegated Soft Rush  (Juncus effusus 'Gold Strike')

Narrow, tubular stems of dark green and yellow make thus an excellent vertical accent plant.

HT 24-36" , DP 2-4"  Sun/Part Shade Z5-11


Corkscrew Rush (Juncus effusus 'Spiralis')

The true corkscrew rush, has green, tightly coiled, contorted stems that create an interesting effect along the edges of small or larger ponds.  Stems are often used in floral arrangements.

HT 18", DP 2-5" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-11

HM - JUNBM Blue Corkscrew Rush  (Juncus inflexus 'Blue Medusa')

Blue-grey strong contorted stems create an impressive specimen in all pond.

HT 18" , DP 2-5"  Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM - JUNSF Variegated Corkscrew Rush  (Juncus effusus spiralis 'Frenzy')

Wiry-stemmed twisted green stems with a yellow stripe. Not as strong a grower as the other varieties but,  give it a little growing time, and you'll have a big and bold specimen!

HT 18", DP 0-2"   Sun/Part Shade Z5-11

HM - JUSTA Water Willow  (Justicia americana)

A cousin of the tropical shrimp plant, this native variety grows as a shrub with clusters of pink to purple flowers in the summer. Great for erosion control in streams and banks where there is swift running water.

HT 12-18"  DP 0-6"+  Sun/Part Shade  Z 4-11

HM- KOSTV Fen Mallow  (Kosteletzkya virginica)

Native, erect sub-shrub with strong tall stems, bearing mid-green, lobed, slightly hair leaves.  In summer, panicles of single small pink flowers, resembling small hibiscus flowers, appear. Found in the Chesapeake wetlands.

HT 36-40", DP 0-2"  Sun  Z6-11

HM - LEYAR Blue Lyme Grass (Leymus arenarius)

Metallic blue-gray leaves make this an interesting grass.  It is a  rhizomatus spreader. Great for banks and erosion control.

HT 36", DP 0-4" Sun/Part Shade   Z4-10

HM - LILCA Lizard's Tongue  (Lilaeopsis carolinensis)

Tufts of very thin strap-like leaves of green.  Ideal as an edger or in a small water feature.  It can also be used, totally submerged, as an aquarium plant.

HT 6-8", DP 0-2"  Pt Shade/ Shade  Z6

HM - LINGF Blue Moneywort  (Lindernia grandiflora)

Small purple-blue and white flowers, tiny green leaves form a dense mat as it creeps along pond edges. Blooms all summer.

HT 1", DP 0"  Sun/Part Shade  Z7-11



Red Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

This species is known for its vibrant crimson flowers that appear from July to September. Leaves are ovate, covering the stems until the terminal flower.  A wetland native great for naturalizing areas or a great accent in any pond!

HT 36", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9


HM - LOBQV Red Leaf Cardinal Flower (Lobelia fulgens 'Queen Victoria')

Spikes of bright scarlet-red flowers from summer to fall.  Handsome maroon foliage.

HT 36", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z6

HM - LOBGE Purple Lobelia (Lobelia x. gerardii 'Vedrariensis')

Clump-forming plant with stalks bearing 2-lipped violet flowers in summer.

HT 24-30",  DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-9



Blue Cardinal Flower (Lobelia siphilitica)

Lance-shaped green leaves climb the tall stems where flower spikes of bright blue flowers appear from July to Oct.

HT 24-36", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z3-11


HM - LYCFC Ragged Robin  (Lychnis flos-cuculi)

Bright pink flowers are borne on loose terminal clusters late spring through early summer. Each petal is deeply cut into 4 segments, resembling a ragged robin.

HT 12", DP 0"  Sun/Part Shade Z5-8

HM - LYSCI Purple-Leaved Golden Lanterns (Lysimachia ciliata)

Leaves emerge dark purple, growing into whorls of ovate leaves that are purplish-brown.  Yellow pendent star-shaped flowers appear in summer.

HT 24-36", DP 0-4"  Part Shade  Zone 5-11

HM - LYSCL Gooseneck Loosestrife  (Lysimachia clethroides)

Whorls of green lance-shaped leaves grow tall producing white flower spikes that are tilted at the tip to give the effect of a goose's head.  Good in bogs but not a true aquatic. Is a vigorous spreader.

HT 36",  DP 0-1"  Part Shade  Zone 4


Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia)

The 1/2" flowers are yellow bowl-shaped with round bright green leaves. Ideal for ground cover along banks, pond edges, or tumbling down waterfalls forming a dense carpet.

HT 2", DP 0-1" Sun/Shade   Z4-10


Gold-Leaf Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) 'Aurea')

Similar to the common variety, but not as vigorous, with golden-yellow round leaves. Has small yellow flowers in summer. Attractive foliage year-round.

HT 2", DP 0-1" Sun/Shade  Z4-10

HM - LYSPU Golden Candles  (Lysimachia punctata)

Native to North America, this species has oval to lance shaped green leaves.  Its bright yellow flowers hug the stems, forming glowing racemes in summer.

HT 24", DP 0-2"  Part Shade Z4-9

HM - LYSAL Variegated Golden Candles  (Lysimachia punctata 'Alexander')

Similar in form to the above variety but with creamy white variegation on its leaves.  In the spring, new growth is heavily tinged with pink.  Quite stunning!

HT 18-24", DP 0-2"  Part Shade Z5-9

HM - LYTHM Water Loosestrife  (Lythrum 'Morden Pink')

Clump-forming variety with erect, branched stems and linear-lanced shape green leaves.  In summer,  tall spikes teem with star-shaped pink flowers, ˝" across. Blooms all summer and provides great color.  Sterile cultivar  (Will not ship outside of PA.)

HT 32", DP 0-2",  Sun  Zones 3-9

HM - MARQU 4-Leaf Water Clover  (Marsilea quadrifolia)

Creeping aquatic fern with long rhizomes and green leaves with 4 triangular, sometimes overlapping leaflets.  When submerged, some leaves float on the surface, while others stand erect- lots of lucky charms.  Marsileas are really ferns.

HT 6", DP 2-6"  Part Sun/ Shade Z5-11


Variegated Water Clover (Marsilea mutica)

Robust plant with four-leaf clover shaped leaves that float on the water’s surface. Green leaves patterned with yellow and reddish-brown markings are up to 3" across.

HT 2-4", DP 3" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11


Lobbed Clover (Marsilea schelpina)

Small, light-green,  four-leaf clover heads that are finely cut giving it a lacey appearance. Good for pond banks and edging streams.

HT 3-6", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Sun  Z6-11

HM - MATPE Ostrich Fern  (Matteuccia pennsylvanica)

One of the most dramatic of hardy ferns for streams and ponds. Light green broad fronds grow in a vase shape. Spreads readily and does a great job of naturalizing.

HT 3-5', DP 0-2" Part Shade/Shade Z3-8


Blue Mazus  (Mazus reptans)

Low creeper thrives in sun or light shade. Dense green carpet has slender stalks that bear, in late spring into summer, two-lipped small purple flowers, spotted with yellow and white. Ideal even for high traffic areas or soil retention along pond or stream banks.

HT 2-3", DP 0" Sun  Z5-8


White Mazus (Mazus reptans ‘Albus’ )

Identical to common variety, except with slightly smaller leaves, having pure white two-lipped blooms.

HT 2-3", DP 0" Sun  Z5-8


Water Mint (Mentha aquatica)

Vigorous aromatic herb plant with oval, toothed leaves and spikes of pale lavender flowers in late summer. Should be kept potted as it has a creeping rootstock.

HT 12", DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM - MIMGU Yellow Monkey Flower  (Mimulus guttatus)

Broad-leaved variety with spreading habit. In summer produces racemes of funnel-shaped yellow flowers, often with red at the throats. Grows well in shallow stream beds or in ponds

HT 6-36", DP 0-4"  Part/Full Shade  Z6-9


Monkey Flower ( Mimulus ringens)

Branched slender stems with narrow dark-green foliage. Lavender snapdragon-like flowers appear in summer.

HT 20-30", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11


Water Forget-me-not  (Myosotis scorpioides)

Oblong, dark-green leaves and intensely blue flowers with yellow eyes. Produces trails out into the water when planted poolside or in shallows. Do not submerge too deep!

HT 8-10", DP 0-1" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-9


Parrot’s Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum)

Also sold as an oxygenator, but when treated as a marginal plant has attractive light green feathery foliage that rises above the water.

HT 6", DP 3-24" Sun/Part Shade  Z6


Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)

Small, bright green edible foliage producing small white flowers in the summer. Sends out runners that root easily. Also helps to filter water.  Excellent food for your pond turtles!

HT 6-8", DP 1-6" Sun/Part Sun  Z4-9



Yellow Fringe (Nymphoides geminata)

Kidney-shaped leaves with green veins; bears feathery, bright yellow flowers above the water. This plant does best when totally submerged, a water lily-like plant.

HT 0-2", DP 3-12" Sun  Z5-11


HM - OENJF Variegated Water Celery               (Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo')

This almost fluorescent Korean native has pink, cream, and white frilly foliage that resemble carrot tops. A real eye-catching specimen.

HT 6" DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM -OENSA Water Celery  (Oenanthe sarmentosa)

An edible celery-like aquatic with green triangular, pinnate leaves. Is extremely vigorous.  Blooms late summer with umbels of tiny, white star-shaped flowers. Makes great food for hungry turtles or koi!

HT 8-16", DP 0-3" Sun/Shade  Z5-11

HM - ONOSE Sensitive Fern  (Onoclea sensibilis)

Broad, light green, heavily toothed fronds make this native fern a good choice in a shadier pond.  This variety has been adapted to water but can take seasonal drying out.

HT 12-18", DP 0-2"  Shade/Part Sun  Z 3-9

HM - OSMCI Cinnamon Fern  (Osmunda cinnamonea)

Named for its distinctive fertile spore-bearing frond, this species has soft green foliage.  A robust fern in wetlands and swamps.  Maximizes its height in shade.

HT 36-48", DP 0-2"  Shade/Part Sun  Z 3-10

HM - OSMRE Royal Fern  (Osmunda regalis)

Tropical-looking stately fern with dull green fronds, turning a bronzy color in the fall.  Spore-bearing fronds appear flower-like. 

HT 24-60", DP 0"  Shade/Part Sun Z3-10

HM - OSMRS European Royal Fern  (Osmunda regalis var. spectralis)

Tall vase-shaped fern with green pinnate fronds, emerging on dark purple stems.


Golden Club (Orontium aquatium)

Large, velvety, dark green leaves with metallic sheen. From spring to summer it sends up white pencil-slim flowers tipped with yellow (once plant is established, normally in second year).

HT 6-10", DP 1-6" Part Sun/Shade  Z5-11

HM - OROBR 'Big Red' Golden Club  (Orontium aquaticum 'Big Red')

Large green leaves tinged with red with red stems.  Same spathes of white tipped with yellow as the native species.

HT 6-12", DP 1-6"  Part Sun/Shade  Z5-11


Water Arum (Peltandra virginica)

Large, arrow-shaped leaves are glossy and deeply ribbed. Pale green to white flower spathe followed by green seed pod. Has a spread of up to 2 ft.

HT 24", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-9

HM - PETJA Butterbur (Petasites japonica)

Large, round, serrated dark green leaves reminiscent of a rhubarb plant.  Greenish-white tufted flowers appear in the spring, about 6" high and they are followed by appearance of foliage.  A great plant for naturalizing stream beds or the edges of ponds.  Best where it is shady.

HT 36-40", DP 0-2"  Part Shade/Shade Z5-9

HM -PETJV Variegated Butterbur  (Petasites japonica 'Varietgata)

White-edged, large green, round leaves not quite as tall, nor as vigorous a grower as the green species.  Flowers are densely clustered, chartruese fragrant corymbs that appear in spring before the plant is leaved out.

HT 24", DP 0-2",  Part Shade/Shade Z6-9

HM - PHASC Pink Ribbon Grass (Phalaris arundinacea 'Strawberries & Cream')

Light green, white and pink striped grass. Spreads easily. Adds interesting contrast when grouped with other plants.

HT 24", DP 0-3" Sun/Part Shade  Z4-11

HM - PHYSL Water Obedient Plant  (Physostegia leptophylla)

Summer blooming with tubular lavender-pink flowers above bright green, lance shaped, toothed leaves. This variety may need staking.

HT 36-48", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM - PHYSV Obedient Plant  (Physostegia virginiana 'Rose Bouquet')

Spreading perennial with mid-green, lance shaped leaves bearing racemes of rosy-pink tubular flowers on stiff, erect stalks, from mid-summer to early fall. 

HT 24-36", DP 0-2"  Pt Sun/Shade  Z4-8

HM - PLANR Red Water Plantain  (Plantago major rubrifolia)

Dark ruby-red, large, oblong leaves mound in tufts, appearing very much like the weed variety that grows in gardens, but adds great color contrast when grouped with other plant varieties.  Insignificant flower spikes 6" high.  Non-invasive!

HT 6-12", DP 0-2"  Sun/Pt Shade  Z6


Pickerel Rush, Blue (Pontederia cordata)

Clumps of glossy green heart-shaped leaves are topped by spikes densely covered with lavender-blue flowers. Blooms continuously from spring to season’s end.

HT 24-36", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade   Z5-11


Pickerel Rush, White (Pontederia cordata 'Alba'

Heart-shaped waxy green leaves with spikes of white flowers all season. Not commonly found nor as vigorous as the blue variety.

HT 24-30", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z5-11

HM - PRESC Water Spearmint (Preslia cervina)

A relative of mint, this fragrant treasure attracts butterflies. Leaves are very fine, like rosemary, and blooms for about 3 weeks mid-summer in blue-purple or white.  Butterflies love it!

HT 12-20", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade Z5-9

Candelabra-Type Primrose  (Primula japonica)

Primarily a bog plant, this candelabra-type primrose has flowers of red tones in late spring.

HT 20", DP 0"  Part Shade  Z5

HM -RANUF Lesser Spearwort  (Ranuculus flammula)

Petite yellow flowers on delicate spreading plant.  Dead-head spent blooms to keep it flowering all season. Very reminiscent of threadleaf coreopsis.

HT 12-24", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z5-9


Creeping Buttercup (Ranuculus repens)

Vibrant yellow flowers appear in spring and continue into summer. Green 3-part leaves grow vigorously across water’s surface. Fall foliage turns a golden hue. Good alternative to marsh marigolds as it has a longer blooming season.

HT 8-12", DP 0-3"  Sun/Part Shade  Z5

HM - RANUBP Variegated Creeping Buttercup  (Ranuculus repens 'Buttered Popcorn')

Attractive gold overlaid green serrated leaf.   Is especially suited to wet areas or ponds in shade.  Yellow flowers in late spring to summer.  Also tolerates some foot traffic, so can be used on stream banks.

HT  8-10", DP 0-2"  Part Shade/Shade   Z4-9


Marsh Rose  (Rosa palustris)

Rose-like thorny bush with gray-green foliage and thorny stems. Pink flowers appear in June followed by red rose hips, that make excellent food for wild fowl. This is a bog plant.

HT 4-8 ft, DP 0" SUN   Z4-9

HM - RUMSA Bloody Dock  (Rumex sanguineus ssp sanguineus)

Distinctive red to purple veins color foliage of this ornamental perennial vegetable.  Edible leaves can be used in salads and cooking. An attractive plant in stream beds.

HT 15", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z6-8

HM - SAGSS 'Silk Stockings' Arrowhead                           (Sagittaria australis 'Silk Stockings')

Leaves unfurl with beautiful maroon-purple coloration in spring.  As leaves mature they fade to a light purple and green with a net-like pattern.  Flowers are white sprays with red bracts.

HT 18-30", DP 2-4"  Part Sun/Shade  Z5

HM - SAGCI Variegated Lance-Leafed Arrowhead  (Sagittaria graminea 'Crushed Ice')

Smaller arrowhead with distinct variegation.  Blotches of white appear on the slightly twisted foliage. Delicate white flowers in summer.

HT 12", DP 0-3"  Part Sun/Shade  Z5


Giant Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia)

Thin, bright green, arrow-shaped leaves bear, in summer, 3-petaled white flowers with yellow centers on tall stalks.  The seeds drop into the water to create "duck potatoes" that produce new plants.  A native species.

HT 12-24", DP 2-6" Sun/Part Sun  Z3-11

HM - SAMPA Water Alyssum  (Samolus parviflorus)

A delicate plant with dainty, apple green leaves that grow in neat rosettes. Sprays of tiny white flowers rise inches above the foliage all summer.

HT 6-10", DP 0-2"  Sun  Z5-10

  We are adding more Pitcher Plants to our collection.  Listed below are just some.  We have more!   Call if you are looking for other varieties. We hope to have them all listed for 2014.  
HM -SARGV Green Veined Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia x catesbaei)

A naturally occuring hybrid of S. flava and S. purpurea from the coastal plain areas of Virginia to S. Carolina.  This variety forms dramatic, flaring open-mouthed pitchers with a fantastic network of red veins. The leaves are topped by 'flying saucer like' red flowers.

HT 12-18", DP 0",  Sun/Part Shade  Z5-9


Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight')

Best to be classified as a bog plant.  Water should not be above the crown of plant. Grow in live spagnum moss, or mixture of sand and peat moss. Produces purple and white veined pitchers that attract insects. Carnivorous.

DP 0", HT 12" Sun/Part Shade  Z6

HM - SARJH Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' $19.95
HM - SARLE   White Trumpet Pitcher Plant  (Sarracenia leucophylla) $19.95
HM -SARMG   Sarracenia 'Mardi Gras' $19.95
HM - SARPU   Purple Pitcher Plant  (Sarracena purpurea) $19.95
HM - SARSB Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle'

Insectivorous bog plant produces green pitchers tinged with red.

HM - SARST   Sarracenia  x 'Stephensii' $19.95
HM - SARTA Sarracenia 'Tarnok' $19.95

Lizard’s Tail (Saururus cernuus)

Green heart-shaped leaves. In summer, cream-colored slender flower spikes, like a tail, curl over foliage, possessing a citrus fragrance.

HT 36",DP 1-6" Part Shade/Shade  Z4-11

HM - SCHCO Red Kaffir Lily  (Schizostylis coccinea)

Clump forming variety with narrow sword-shaped leaves 14" high with spikes of 4 - 14 scarlet cup-shaped flowers above the foliage. Blooms late summer into fall.  Best when left to grow into thick clumps.  Native to South Africa.

HT 24", DP 0-4"  Sun  Z7-9


Three Square Bulrush (Scirpus americanus)

Stiff, dark blue-green rush with triangular sided stems. Brown seed heads appear in summer.  Excellent source of food for wildlife.

HT 36-60", DP 0-6"  Sun  Zones 5-9


Wool Grass (Scirpus cyperinus)

Distinguished by its fluffy silken tassels of tawny brown that appear at the ends of stiff dark green foliage.  Has a more tropical  appearance than other scripus.

HT 36-48", DP 0-4" Sun/Part Shade Z 3-9


Green Bulrush (Scirpus lacustris)

Strong dark-green cylindrical stems bearing reddish-brown hanging tassel-like flowers. Wetland plant.

HT 24-48" , DP 3-5" Sun/Part Shade  Z 5-9


Variegated Bulrush (Scirpus lacustris ‘Albescens’)

Architectural plant with round, cream-colored, rushy stems vertically lined with green, but having more a look of a white rush.

HT 36-60", DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade Z 5-9


Zebra Rush (Scirpus lacustris ‘Zebrinos’)

Bold horizontally banded cream and green quill-like stems, banding more noticeable in cooler temperatures or when well fertilized.

HT 24-36", DP 0-5"  Sun/Part Shade  Z 5-9

HM - SISMO Yellow-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium montana)

Clumps of iris-like foliage are accented by yellow star-shaped flowers all summer long.  Best in bog.

HT 6-10",  DP 0"  Sun/Part Shade  Z6-8

HM - SPIRA Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes cernua odorata 'Chadd's Ford')

A hardy native orchid, with shiny green rosettes, establishes colonies in moist soils, swamps, and bogs.  Fragrant white flowers spiral upward in August and September.  Beautiful in night-time accent to a late summer pond!

HT 12-24", DP 0-2" Part Shade Z4-8

HM - STAPA Marsh Betony  (Stachys paulustris)

Native variety produces thick spikes of pink and purple in summer Green hairy leaves turn reddish in fall. A vigorous plant which sends out runners.

HT 12-36", DP 0-5"  Sun  Z4-8


Hardy Canna (Thalia dealbata)

Pointed, almost triangular, powdery-blue leaves are carried on stems that seem to circle the plant. Its spread is 24" or more.  In summer airy violet to purple flowers soar 1 to 4 ft above leaves.  The foliage is very tropical in appearance.

HT 48-72", DP 0-6" Sun /Part Shade  Z5-9

HM -THELP Marsh Fern  (Thelypteris palustris)

Deciduous fern producing creeping rhizomes and long-stalked, erect, pinnate pale green fronds.

HT 24", DP 0-2  Part shade  Z-5-8


Globe Flower  (Trollius x cultorum ‘Golden Queen‘)

This clump-forming plant has wiry stems, with toothed basal leaves, and produces round buds that open to a lemon-yellow, globe-shaped flower measuring 3" across. Keep out of hot afternoon sun. Blooms May to July.

HT 24", DP 0-2" Part Shade Zones 4-9

HM - TYPAN Narrow Leaf Cattail  (Typha angustifolia)

More narrow-leafed, gray-green foliage than the standard common cattail, it is more suitable to most ponds, and far less invasive!  It has long slender, brown catkins that are also attractive.

HT 48-72",  DP  3-6+"  Sun Z 3-11

HM - TYPLA Common Cattail (Typha latifolia)

Large flat grassy-like leaves, 1" wide, grey green in color, with thick brown pokers. Plant should be controlled in containers as this can be invasive if planted in ponds. Roots have been known to damage rubber liners!  For large ponds. 

HT 72-96", DP 3-6+"  Sun/Part Shade  Z3-11


Variegated Cattail (Typha latifolia 'Variegata')

Vertically striped cream and green, with willowy leaves. A dramatic specimen in any pond.  Slow-growing and not happy when transplanted.

HT 36-60" , DP 3-6+"  Sun/Part Shade  Z4-11


Graceful Cattail (Typha laxmanii)

Gray-green, slender, willowy leaves that gracefully wave in the breeze and produce small dark brown pokers that appear June to October.  Not invasive. Ideal variety for small to medium sized ponds.

HT 36", DP 1-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z3-10


Miniature Cattail (Typha minima)

This dwarf variety, with delicate reed-like leaves, is blue- green in color-- with short, round pokers. Ideal for small ponds and containers.

HT 12-18", DP 1-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z3-9



*Plants are shipped in 3.5" pots or bare root, depending on the plant variety. Prices listed here are for internet orders only. At our pond store, plants are available in 2 qt pots and ready to put in your pond.  Depth ("DP") refers to the number of inches of water above the crown of the plant.  Prices do not include shipping.


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