Hardy Water Lilies   


     Hardy water lilies grow horizontally (across the planting container) so it is important to use large size planting containers, such as an 8-inch bulb pan or even larger mesh planting crates. Most likely you will still have to divide and repot your lily every 2-3 years. Other acceptable containers are wooden boxes (constructed with untreated lumber - do not use redwood either; it is toxic underwater), tubs, half-barrels, and metal tubs that have been painted with a good coating of non-toxic paint.

     Since soil is not vital to the growth of water lilies, we pot our plants in finely crushed stone only. You may use heavy topsoil or clay, only around the tuber, topped off with a generous layer of gravel to keep your plant from floating out of the pot.  But remember, soil will wash out of the pot and may make your pond muddy.  Water plants get their nutrition from the water, not from soil!  We advise adding aquatic plant fertilizer once a month---they do not release nutrients into the water which would encourage algae  growth. Be sure to use the tablets in the spring when you are cleaning your pond.  It does make a world of difference even if you do not use the tablets the rest of the season.  Liquid fertilizers for pond plants are the easy way to add nutrients.   Plant the lily at a slight angle from horizontal with  the growing end up and the other end against the side of the container to encourage the lily to grow across the container. 

     Water lilies can be started in somewhat shallower depths but, as soon as they show signs of leaves they should be placed in deeper water---some lilies (depending on variety) can grow down as far as 2-4 feet. Should the lily be placed too shallow, it will dwarf the plant and when placed at a deeper location, all existing leaves will die off and new leaves must come up from the bottom.  If the pool is deeper, put the containers up on concrete blocks or bricks to raise them.  If you have deeper ponds, there are only certain lilies that will thrive in more than 4 foot depths!


We ship our water lilies as bare root tubers.  We have them potted and ready to put in your pond at are garden center. 

We will be adding many new varieties for 2016---so stand by!  


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