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     For the past few years, it has been my pleasure to work with a very talented artist, my very dear friend Lucille Dickerson, who introduced me to the world of miniatures.  Together we searched for plants that would make her scenes as realistic as possible.  And the more we searched, the more I realized there were not many sources for these mini plants.

     Below is Lucille's Blue Ribbon award winning entry in The 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show.  She also won 'Best in Show'!  Instead of the required 8 varieties of rooted plants, she had 22 different species of plants.  The theme was 'Bella Italia', and this scene has all the flair of an Italian decor. 


     As much as I must admit I now have the "Miniature Bug", instead of creating a scene like you see here, I'm trying my hand at creating live scenes in dishes, terrariums and planters---and that is not so easy when I have all the water plants and perennials to grow---this does require time and a lot of patience!

     I will be adding more to this group.  I'm working on a plant list.


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