Night Blooming Tropical Lilies


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Wood’s White Knight - Vanilla-white, star-shaped, semi-double flowers are centered by soft yellow stamens. Large flowers measure 10"-12" across. A prolific bloomer, the plant maintains a tidy clump even in large pools. Emerald-green leaves are scalloped and variegated a darker green underneath.

Spread: large


Red Cup - Dark red flowers, changing to dark pink in late summer and fall, this cup-like bloom has a slightly pungent aroma. Anthers and stamen are also red. The flower size measures 5"-8" in diameter. Leaves are bronzy brown with a purple underside.

Spread: medium to large



Red Flare - Vivid vermilion, star-shaped flowers are centered by deep maroon anthers and light pink or yellowish stamens. Large flowers, 7"-10" in size, are flat and round and are held 12" or more above the water’s surface. The foliage is also a reddish-bronze.

Spread: medium

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