We stock a wide variety of pumps for every application----from a 65gph for tabletop fountains to a 10,000gph for waterfalls.  We can advise you on what will produce the kind of water flow desired.  Not all pumps are designed the same way.  We sell products that we have used and have been proven.  We also have replacement parts for of the pumps we sell, and we service pumps sold by us.

     When deciding on what type of pump you need, you must consider several things.  In a pond, the pump is usually working in combination with your filter, unless you are just looking for a pump to run statuary fountains.  The major difference is that a statuary pump should have a pre-filter, so that you your fountain does not clog up.  A pump that works with a filter (external filters is what we recommend), should handle heavy solids, so that the dirt at the bottom of the pond is sucked up and goes into your filter.  Statuary pumps should not sit at the very bottom of the pond, as the pre-filters will need to be cleaned more often.  Filtration pumps should sit at the deepest level of the pond so it can effectively clean the pond.






Filtration Pump

Statuary Type Pump

     When deciding on the strength of the pump necessary to achieve its purpose, you need to know the volume of gallons in the pond and the distance the pump has to push the water.  With a statuary pump the volume of water is not really important.  The height of the statue and the size of the tubing is what matters most.  Remember that for every 3 ft of height the water has to be pumped, the flow is reduced by about 35% or more.  The rate of flow marked on a pump is the rate of water flow coming directly out of the pump.  It is always wiser to go with more flow than less, as you always reduce the flow.  You can never increase the flow!

     You should also be concerned with energy efficient pumps.  Some types, particularly those used in skimmers, are definitely energy guzzlers and, in many cases, you may choose to run these only when you're outside enjoying your pond, running an energy saving secondary pump the rest of the time!  With the technology today, there are many energy efficient pumps on the market, and you will find them at our store.

     Whatever the application, we can help you find the pump that will work for you!


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