Tropical Marginals

     These varieties of aquatic plants are the ones that give a pond the summer into fall pizzazz!  Come July or August the hardy plants are finished flowering, for the most part.  Here is where you find the lush, tropical foliage and constant blooming species.  But remember, tropical means water temperatures should be around 70ºF, and night-time air temps should be in the 60s before they placed in the pond.  If your customers wish to keep these tropicals for next year, they need to bring them inside before the water temperature drops below 65°F. Most will go dormant, so they do not need extra lights, and if they only have wet feet, that is just fine.

     We also grow these in 3½" pots.  When placing them in the pond they should be transplanted to gallon pots, some larger as they grow rapidly in the warm weather and certain varieties can reach 4-5'.  Add only crushed stone.  Fertilizer, whether tabs or liquid aquatic, should be added.  We do have all of these plants, available at our garden center, in larger pots---but not for shipping.

"DP" in the plant description means the number of inches, over the crown of the plant, the species grows in.

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Item No. Double click to enlarge Name (Alphabetical by Botanical name)/Description Price*
TR - ACROD Water Leather Fern  (Acrostichium danaefolium)

If you're looking for an exciting specimen for your pond, this fern is truly a dramatic feature that is big and bold!  It has large pinnate fronds of bright green. And it makes a spectacular houseplant in the winter.

HT 3-9', DP 0-3" (12" if plant is mature) Shade/Part Shade  Z9-11

TR - ALTRE Copperleaf  (Alternanthera reineckii)

Striking narrow coppery-maroon leaves form a 4-10" mat with tiny white flowers. Ideal for contrast; does best in wet spots or shallow water.

HT 12", DP 0-2" Sun /Shade

TR - ASCCU Blood Flower  (Asclepias curassavica)

Flowers of orange and yellow all summer on this species native to Mexico and South America.  Save seeds over the winter to re-plant in spring, or bring in before frost.

HT 3', DP 0-1"  Sun/Part Shade  Z10

TR - BACCA Lemon Water Hyssop  (Bacopa carolinia)

Small leaved spreading variety for shallow water or as a submerged plant.  Bright blue flowers all summer.  Crushed leaves have a lemon aroma.

HT 6", DP 0-12"  Sun/Part Shade Z9

TR - BACOM Water Hyssop  (Bacopa monnieri)

A creeping surface spreading hyssop with small light green leaves and ever-blooming white flowers.  It can grow as a submerged aquatic plant.

HT 4-6", DP 0-12"  Sun/Part Shade Z7-11

TR - CANNR Canna - Red  (Canna australis)

Deep red wide leaves with red blooms. Minimum temperature 50ºF.

HT 48-60", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z8


Variegated Canna - (Canna americanallis variegata 'Bengal Tiger')

Large showy green and creamy yellow foliage with bright yellow-orange blooms. Minimum temperature 50ºF.

HT 48", DP 0-6" Sun  Z8

TR - CANRC Dwarf  Canna 'Rosemund Cole'

Green foliage with bicolored blooms of yellow and orange.

HT 36", DP 0-3  Sun  Z8

TR - CANTS Dwarf Canna Tropicana 'Summer Sunset'

Variegated foliage of peach, yellow, and green. Orange flowers.

HT 36"  DP 0-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z8


Imperial Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris')

Bold, shade-loving variety has green leaves with overlaid with black design.

HT 36-48", DP 0-4" Part Shade/Shade Z9


TR - COLBM Cranberry Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic')

Velvety dark burgundy ears, smaller than the species but producing more leaves.  The more shade, the darker the color. 

HT 36-48", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z9

TR - COLBC 'Black Coral' Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral')

Exciting new dark black leaved taro with a glossy finish.  The leaf is also heavily corrugated.  Impressive black foliage!

HT 48-60", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade Z7b-10

TR - COLTC 'Tea Cup' Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'Tea Cup')

An exceptional variety with glossy, green, upturned leaves.  The foliage acts as a cup in a rain shower.

HT 60-72", DP 0-6"  Part Shade  Z7-11

TR - COLWL 'White Lava' Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava')

A great new variety with large polished green leaves with a wide band of white down the center.

HT 36", DP 0-4" Sun/Part Shade Z7-10

TR - COLUP Black Marble Taro  (Colocasia esculenta 'Ualtia Pele')

Large velvety leaves of purple smoke with flecks of black and burgundy.

HT 36+", DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z9


Violet Stem Taro (Colocasia esculenta ‘Fontanesii)

Many deep blue-green elephantine leaves with deep violet stems. Their velvety texture sheds water easily.

HT 36-48", DP 0-4" Sun/Part Shade Z9


TR -COLHB Variegated Dwarf Taro (Colocasia 'Hilo Beauty')

Large splashed leaves of light green on dark blue-green makes this shorter variety a real a very dramatic plant for smaller water features.  Does best in a shadier spot.

HT 12-18", DP 0-2"  Part Shade/Shade Z9


Bog Lily (Crinium americanum)

Funnel-shaped, pure white, lily-scented blooms with greenish throats rise in clusters over tufts of strap-like leaves. Each long, dark green stalk produces only a few flowers, but beautiful!

HT 12-36", DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z7-11


TR - CRIME Red Bog Lily (Crinium 'Menebune')

Beautiful wine-red foliage and a bright pink flower in summer.

HT 30", DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z7-11


Umbrella Palm  (Cyperus alternifolius)

This tall, lush green plant sports a top sprout of narrow leaves, spreading 12" or so, creating an umbrella shape.  Mature tops produce a spray of brown seeds.

HT 36-60", DP 0-6" Sun or Shade  Z8-11



Dwarf Umbrella Palm  (Cyperus alternifolius 'Gracilis')

Very fine dark green stems and spikelets makes this variety ideal for small ponds and containers.

HT 18-24", DP 0-3" Sun or Shade  Z8-11


TR - CYPVA Dwarf Variegated Umbrella Palm  (Cyperus alternifolius 'Variegatus')

Rare and extremely exciting variety with bold variegations on both the stems and leaves. This variety needs to have green stems pruned out so that it does not revert. 

HT 30-36", DP 0-6"  Sun or Shade Z8-11


Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus haspan)

Plant produces dainty tufts of foliage atop thin stems. Mature stalks send out spindle-like green rays tipped by green seed pods that turn brown.

HT 12-24", DP 0-4" Sun Z8-11



Giant Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus)

Stately reed paper plant with strong, dark green stems and crowned by brush-like umbels of pendulous thread-like leaves. Dramatic winter houseplant. Lift before temperature drops to 50ºF.

HT 96-120", DP 0-6" Sun Z8-11


TR - CYPPE Dwarf Giant Papyrus (Cyperus percamenthus)

Unlike the more common dwarf variety, this papyrus has the large brush-like heads of the giant species but remains small.

HT 20", DP 0-3"  Sun/Part Shade Z8-11


Radican Sword (Echinodorus cordifolius)

Heart-shaped dark green leaves with prominent parallel veins. Long trailing stems have white flower clusters of sagittaria-like blooms appear July to Sept.

HT 24-36", DP 1-3" Sun/Part Shade Z7-11

TR - ELETU Chinese Water Chestnuts (Eleocharis tuberosa)

Thin, tubular, reed-like stems.  Produces a tuber or chestnut used in Asian cooking. Has been hardy to zone 6.

HT 24-36", DP 2-6"  Sun/Part Shade  Z7-8

TR - ELECA Smell-Me Plant/ Ginger  (Elettaria cardamomum)

Dark green sword-shaped leaves form a dense, bushy, aromatic plant.  Flowers are white--but infrequent. Can easily be over-wintered as an attractive houseplant.

HT 24-36", DP 0-2"  Shade  Z11

TR - GYMSP Water Snowball (Gymnocornis spilanthoides)

Green leafy plant which produces white ball-shaped flowers with a baby powder-like fragrance that attracts Monarch butterflies like a magnet. Can be grown as a submerged plant but is more striking as a marginal.

HT 36", DP 0-12"  Sun/Part Shade

TR - HIBAC Red-Leaf Hibiscus  (Hibiscus acetosella)

Produces iridescent lobed maroon leaves on woody stalks. Solitary, small lavender blooms in late summer. 

HT 3-5', DP 0-4"  Sun/Part Shade  Z 10-11


Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides)  Bare root

Oval green leaves along water’s surface produce three petaled 2" showy yellow blossoms centered by brown stamens. Abundance of flowers all summer. Needs a water temperature of 70ºF+ to overwinter indoors.

HT 3", DP 2-4" Sun


TR - HYGDI Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)

Dark green mint-like leaves with tiny lavender flowers at the leaf joints.  Also used as a submerged plant.

HT 6-10", DP 0-12"  Sun/Part Shade

TR - HYNLI Spider Lily (Hymenocallis latifolia)

Thick green amaryllis-like leaves form clumps.  Summer white flowers of 7" wide have 6 lobes with a cup at the center resemble white spiders.  Fragrant lilies that are native to the South.

HT 18", DP 0-2"  Part Shade  Z 7-11

TR - LUDSE Mosaic Plant (Ludwegia sedoides)  Bare root

A coveted variety of water plant because of the unique way the petals of red and green for a floating mosaic design.  Not easy to grow as fish and snails can do damage to its delicate stems.  Calm water is best.

HT 0",  DP 6-12"


Water Snowflake (Nymphoides aquatica)

Green lily-like leaves floating and five petaled white flowers with yellow centers, sending erect shoots out that resemble small banana bunches.

HT 2-3", DP 3-5" Sun



White Fringe (Nymphoides indica)

Small heart-shaped green and brown patterned leaves freely produces white fringed dainty flowers, with yellow centers, above the water.

HT 0-2", DP 3-6" Sun



Florida Bluebells (Ruellia brittoniana)

Light-blue, bell-shaped flowers top brownish stalks. Green narrow willow-like leaves grow from center stems. Frequent pinching causes the plant to grow bushier.

HT 24-48", DP 0-6" Sun  Z9-11


TR - RUEKA Dwarf Florida Bluebells (Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie')

Narrow, lance-shaped leaves form bushy plants that flower all summer. Purple-blue blooms are about 1.5" in size.

HT 10-12", DP 0-3"  Sun  Z9-11

TR - RUECC Florida Pink Bells (Ruellia brittoniana 'Chi Chi')

Same as above but with pink bell- shaped flowers

HT 24-48", DP 0-6"  Sun  Z9-11


Lance Lily (Sagittaria lancifolia)

Long stalks with long narrow spear-shaped leaves and clusters of small white flowers.

HT 36-48", DP 3-5" Sun/Part Shade  Z8-11


TR - SAGMO Aztec Arrowheads (Sagittaria montevidensis)

Deeply veined arrow leaves surround abundant unusual white flowers that have a burgundy blotch of each petal.

Ht 24", DP 0-5"  Sun/Part Shade  Z8-11


Miniature Arrowheads  (Sagittaria subulata)

Bright green foliage with arrow shaped leaves and tiny white flowers. Much daintier than the other sagittarias.

HT 9-12", DP 0-2" Sun/Part Shade  Z8-11



Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata)

Oval, pointed blue-green leaves with violet blossoms on tall spikes.

HT 72-120", DP 0-6" Sun  Z9-11



Red Stem Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata f. ruminoides)

Dramatic oval pointed leaves with reddish-purple foliage stems topped by blossoms of violet reminiscent of the hardy variety.

HT 72-120", DP 0-6" Sun/Part Shade  Z9-11


TR - TULVI   Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea)

Dense clumps of thin strap-like aromatic green foliage with pink flowers from spring to fall.  Strong garlic smell in foliage, sweetly fragrant flowers. Native to S. Africa.

HT 24", DP 0-2" Sun/part Shade Z7

TR - TULVA Variegated Society Garlic  (Tulbaghia violacea 'Variegata')

Tufts of creamy, variegated, thin leaves that are extremely aromatic when cut.  All summer pink flowers appear on tall stems.

HT 6-12", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z7

TR - VIOHE Tasmanian Violet  (Viola hederacea)

A demure plant is this mat-forming, trailing violet with a white, spur-less flower and patches of violet.  An easy houseplant in winter.

HT 4-6" , DP 0-2"  PT Shade/Shade Z8-9

TR - WEDTR Water Zinnia  (Wedelia trilobata)

Crisp green trailing foliage with bright yellow flowers all summer.  Ideal for accenting waterfalls.  Can trail 3 ft or more!

HT 6", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Shade  Z9-11

TR - ZANAE Swamp Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Impressive variety which produces extra large white spathes and shiny green heart-shaped leaves.

 HT 36-48", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Sun Z7


Zephyr Lily (Zephyrantes candida)

Thick tufts of dark green, grass foliage that resemble chives. Produces abundant summer flowers that are white, almost daisy like.

HT 12", DP 0-2" Sun/Shade  Z8

TR - ZEPHY Zephyr Lily - Yellow (Zephyrantes flavissima)

A more delicate variety with small yellow flowers and a narrower leaf blades.

HT 8-10", DP 0-2" Sun/Part Sun  Z8

TR - ZEPHP Zephyr Lily - Pink  (Zephyrantes grandiflora)

Outstanding blooms on this variety with larger bright pink flowers. Narrow strap-like dark green foliage.

HT 10", DP 0-2"  Sun/Part Sun  Z8


*Plants are shipped in 3½" pots, or larger. Prices listed here are for internet orders only.  Depth ("DP") refers to the number of inches of water above the crown of the plant.

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