Ultraviolet Sterilizers

       Using an ultraviolet sterilizer (or clarifiers) means your pond water will never turn green.  There are no longer ugly algae blooms (of a pea soup hue)  in the spring, before your water lilies and aquatic plants come up, and in the fall, when all the plants die back.  In fact, there is no need to cover up your pond with vegetation so that you can no longer enjoy your fish!  Even shadier ponds can have green water, but particularly in the sunnier ponds, for us, whether to use a UVC or not, is not an issue.  It's an essential!  We do not advocate using loads of chemicals in our ponds and using a UV alleviates the use of algaecides and also kills harmful bacteria that infect your fish.  Keep in mind, the UV light will not kill the natural algae that grows on the sides and the bottom of your pond, nor will it kill "string algae" (blanket weed).  It kills the free-floating algae which is what makes the water green.

     Most UV lights sit out of the water and are connected in-line from the pump to the filter.  We do sell some in-pond systems too.  They really are of little maintenance.  If the light bulb works, they work.  At the end of the season, they need to be disconnected and brought in, so that the quartz sleeve doesn't freeze and crack.  Normally a bulb lasts for two seasons but the older the bulb, the weaker the light becomes.  You only see a slight blue hue around the UV unit at night.

     Make sure when purchasing a UV that the wattage is sufficient for the size of your pond!  No need to empty that green pond.  Within 5-10 days the water will clear and stay that way.  This makes pondkeeping a pleasure!

     Let us help you choose the right UVC for your pond.


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