White Hardy Water Lilies - Named Varieties


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White Variety

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Albatross - Gently cupped snow-white flowers have distinctive narrow petals containing a cluster a golden anthers. A feature of the variety is the changing color of foliage, starting almost burgundy in color, changing to bronze, then to a deep green when mature.  Grows 4-8' wide, DP 6-36"

Spread: medium


HL - WCHUB Chubby - Creamy white, peony-shaped blooms of 4".  Green leaves are tinged with red on the edges. Grows 2-6' wide, DP 6-24"

Spread:  small to medium



Gonnere - Double bloom resembling a snowball in appearance. The flower, 8"-9" in diameter, is peony-shaped, with thick petals, golden anthers and outer olive-green sepals. The foliage is not as vigorous and is a lighter green than seen in most water lilies. Grows 4-6' wide, DP 6-30"

Spread: medium to large


HL - WHERM Hermine - Paper white cup-shaped blooms of 3-5". Dark green leaves.  Grows 2-4' wide, DP 6-24"

Spread:  small to medium  Shade Tolerant.


HL - WMOON Moon Dance - Pale blue-white flower with a tinge of yellow. Peony shaped blooms of 6-8" across. Green leaves are speckled and reach the size of dinner plates.  Long blooming variety.  Grows 3-5' wide, DP 6-36"

Spread:  large


HL - WPDOU Perry's Double White - Off white peony shaped bloom of 4-6". Compact odorata type. Grows 2-3' wide, DP 6-24"

Spread:  small to medium


HL - WQUEE Queen of Whites - Crisp white goblet-shaped blooms of 4-6".  Green leaves.  Grows 4-8' wide, DP 6-48"

Spread: medium to large  Shade tolerant


HL - WSTAR Starbright  - White stellate flowers tinged with yellow and pink at the base, 4-6".  Creates a look of many stars in the water.  Green leaves are mottled with burgundy.  Grows 3-5', DP 6-24"

Spread:  medium


HL - WVIRG Virginia - Paper-white peony-shaped flowers of 6-10". Dark green leaves. Grows 6-12' wide, DP 6-48"

Spread:  medium to large   Shade tolerant.



Walter Pagels - Creamy small white flowers are held above the lush green leaves. A dwarf variety excellent for small pools and tub cultivation. Grows 1-3' wide, DP 6-20"

Spread: small  Shade Tolerant


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