Yellow Hardy Water Lilies - Named Varieties


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Yellow Variety

HL - YBETS Betsey Sakata - Soft lemon-yellow goblet-shaped flowers of 4-6".  Large green leaves have purple flecks.  Grows 3-5' wide, DP 6-36"

Spread:  medium to large

HL - YCHAR Charlene Strawn - Bright yellow stellate flowers, 3-5", with speckled green leaves.  Grows 3-5' wide, DP 6-24"

Spread:  Medium


Chromatella - Large, soft canary-yellow flowers, 6" in diameter, which stay open later in the day than most other varieties. The broad, incurving petals surround deep golden stamens, and the sepals are pale yellow flushed with pink. Dark green foliage is mottled and spotted with reddish-brown.  Grows 6-12' wide, DP 6-48"

Spread: medium    Shade tolerant



Helvola - Dainty, star-shaped, canary-yellow flowers no more than 2" across, have orange stamens. They are produced in abundance throughout the summer. Tiny olive green leaves are mottled with purple and brown markings. Very resilient variety and adaptable.

Spread: small



Joey Tomocik - Blooms of vibrant lemon-yellow, 4-6", pointed petals are held  above the water. A slight spicy fragrance is detectable in the flowers that bloom consistently over a long season. Green rounded leaves are  gently mottled with brown. Grows 6-10' wide, DP 6-40"

Spread: medium to large   Shade tolerant

HL - YLEMO Lemon Mist - Lemon sherbet yellow with goblet shaped blooms of 4"-6". Green mottled leaves. Grows 3-5' wide, DP 6-36"

Spread:  small to medium

HL - YSUNR Sunrise - Light yellow goblet-shaped blooms of 6-8".  Green speckled leaves.  Grows 4-8' wide, DP 6-36"

Spread:  medium to large

HL - YTEXA Texas Dawn - Strong yellow color with flowers that are 6"-10".  Green leaves are large with red freckles. Prolific bloomer into the fall.  Grows 6-12', DP 6-40"

Spread: medium to large


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